Maximize efficiency and decrease water use 30-70%

A Site Assessment examines the landscape water requirements and analyzes the ability of the sprinkler system to efficiently meet those requirements, without waste.

Damage from lawn or snow removal equipment, maturing landscape, or the lack of a regular maintenance program on your irrigation system, can hamper the efficiency of your water-use over time. Your landscape may be getting too much water in places, too little in others and water may be being wasted. Our certified technicians are experts at recognizing irrigation problems and adjusting for them properly. A typical Site Assessment results in 30 – 70% in water savings.

The best way to ensure maximum benefit and efficiency is with a Site Assessment. Raintree will:

  • Examine your equipment for damaged or worn components
  • Assess the landscape for changes and calculate correct run times for each area
  • Performance test the sprinklers to ensure adequate pressure, look for physical problems such as pooling, which could damage plant and tree roots.
  • Fine-tune the irrigation schedule and set the controller.
  • Our technician will discuss the results with and provide a report, outlining any adjustments made and provide a quote for repairs or modifications if they are recommended.